Battle of the Haircut Gimmicks: Weed vs. Popsicles


It’s hard out there for a hairdresser! With consumer confidence at an all-time low, folks have been saying no to non-essential services like manicures and blowouts. So, what’s a stylist to do to keep butts in those comfy, spinning seats? Well, come up with a gimmick, of course! After the jump, check out a Canadian stylist who will pass you the bong before she gets out the scissors and a performance art show that promises popsicles and free haircuts.

Image via Now Toronto. Photo credit: Jonathan Loek

At Toronto’s aptly named Lightheaded salon (which is really a living room), an “unaccredited hairstylist” named Uli will get you stoned on high-quality BC bud and crop your coiffure for only $30 total. We’re not sure whether she partakes or not, and frankly, we can’t decide whether that would be a good or bad idea.

Meanwhile, Boing Boing points us to Haircuts and Popsicles, a performance art event that will take place this Saturday in LA. Despite the gag-inducing flyer image, the promise of free haircuts and $3 (hopefully hair-free) popsicles sounds like the perfect cure for the summertime blues.

Honestly, we’re not sure which of these clever gimmicks we prefer. But we’re fairly sure they’d be even better together.