iPod Pyschologist: Of Montreal’s “Nonpareil of Favor”


Despite their danceable beats and catchy hooks, today’s most innovative tracks delve into serious topics. While some lyrics are clear cut (we all know how KATY PERRY felt about kissing a girl wearing cherry chapstick), others are more complex than rocket science.

Enter Flavorwire contributor Bess Devenow, a woman with a knack for dissecting new songs who reads between the lines to shed light on the deep-rooted emotional issues embedded within the lyrics — she’s like HOUSE, M.D., but with musicians instead of dying patients.

Take a load off and get comfortable on the couch while she works her analytical magic on “NONPAREIL OF FAVOR” the six minute lead-off track from indie poppers OF MONTREAL’s recent release, SKELETAL LAMPING.

Of Montreal: My lover, I’ve been donating time to review All the misinterpretations that define me and you I’m thinking about you In my secret language Cuz I know you’re the only one Who can help me take it easy Bess Devenow: So in other words, you got dumped and subsequently continued to obsess over your ex to the point where all areas of your life went awry and you lost your job but you’re kind of glad because that gives you more time to obsess over your ex?

Of Montreal: Now I’m happy in the head Knowing there ain’t no sucker in the world Who’s a threat to us We become material It’s like hey you were always there just on the tip of my tongue And I needed you to happen, yeah And now that you happened BD: I am guessing this phone call came at 3 a.m. after a long night of drinking and you were number 11 in the priority queue.

Of Montreal: And it really really really came true I feel like I oughtta thank somebody So I’m gonna thank you Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you, thank you BD: What a nice new scent you are wearing…let me guess, it is called L’Eau de Desperation? Repeat after me: “I AM too proud to beg!”

Of Montreal: So I’m calling your ass up at like three in the morning saying “Wake up the dragon, let’s go get compromised” You’ll be my little ally, You can have it which way you choose BD: So that’s what they are calling it these days…”Wake up the dragon, let’s go get compromised?”

Of Montreal: Now I’m so flung out by your paradigm kisses How I’ve acted eleven hemispherical gods now Cracking my sweet love I’m cracking my sweet love (3x) BD: (so nauseous that she yaks in a trash can)