Ten Reasons Why We’re Psyched for Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano’s Gigantic


A trailer for Toronto Film Festival-favorite Gigantic, starring Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel, has finally been released — and now we have solid proof that it looks as potentially awesome as we’ve heard it is. Watch the trailer after the jump — and read the top ten reasons why we can’t wait to see this flick (look for it in limited release starting April 3rd).

1. Zooey Deschanel seems to have toned down the bright-eyed twee and actually looks like she might be acting — even if it’s just as a more subtle version of herself. [Editor’s note: This is also a slightly different bang for her. More straight across than slash. I’m really loving it.]

2. One of our absolute favorite blogs, The Playlist, has been excited about this film for months — and we trust their ruthless and carefully incisive judgment. They say it exhibits “a disarming charm, a penchant for wise ambiguity and a loopiness that’s never too precious.”

3. It’s a first-time filmmaker, Matt Aselton, getting major distribution. That thaws our hearts, which we’ve frozen as a protective measure against the hard times ahead for indie films.

4. It features one of our favorite comedians, Zach Galifianakis, who incidentally looks fabulous in a dress.

5. It’s been almost a decade since John Goodman got a decent film role (See: Coyote Ugly), and it looks like he’s all ready to shine yet again (plus: he’s wearing Judah Friedlander glasses)

6. The plot revolves around about Dano’s character’s obsession with adopting an Asian baby, which injects the quirky tone with a certain welcome gravitas. (And the baby is the cutest thing ever — like Cute Things Falling Asleep cute).

7. Paul Dano. To Zooey’s male fans, watching her get with Dano might hit too close to “dammnit-she’s-engaged-to-Ben-Gibbard” home, but whatever. We can’t recall Dano ever not giving a fantastic performance.

8. The fact that in context, we actually liked the line “God bless capitalism.”

9. Ex-Faith No More/current Imperial Teen frontman Roddy Bottum is scoring the film, and while we’re not really sure what that implies exactly, the music in the trailer sounds lovely, and our favorites Animal Collective are on the soundtrack.

10. While we’re obviously all giddy for Zooey Deschanel’s other cute love indie, 500 Days of Summer, in which she co-stars with Joseph Gordon Levitt — Gigantic seems less likely to not disappoint everyone’s very high expectations.