Daily Dose Pick: Eating the Universe


Documenting the use of food in art over the past 50 years, Eating the Universe features a series of illuminating essays and provocative photographs.

The book chronicles the Eat Art movement — focusing on the food of necessity, as opposed to epicurean art — from its emergence in a small Düsseldorf gallery frequented by Joseph Beuys to the opening of Daniel Spoerri’s Eat Art eatery in 2009. Spoerri, who’s considered one of the most renowned (if not yet famous) artists of the 20th century, is featured prominently in the book, along with a diverse group of creators that also includes revolutionary performance artist Marina Abramović — whose endurance piece “The Onion” is captured in all its vivid glory.

Learn more about Daniel Spoerri, look back at the Eating the Universe exhibit in Düsseldorf, check out a video from the show, and buy a copy of Eating the Universe


Click through below for a gallery of images from the book.

Untitled, 2007, Thomas Rentmeister

Kelly, 2006, LA Raeven

Butterskulptur, 2009 Sonja Alhauser

Bread or Alive, 2004, BBB Johannes Deinmling

Tableau-Piege 19, 1972, Daniel Spoerri

Emsrausch, 2006, Sonja Alhaeuser

Churut - Milch fur unterwegs, Schabziger, seit, 2006, Arpad Dobriban