Video Premiere: Eclectic Method’s Daft Tron


Folks have started to get a little wacky about TRON: LEGACY, and especially Daft Punk’s soundtrack to the film. Not content simply to listen to an official preview of the music, they’ve been streaming a leaked version that turned out to be nothing more than a collection of fan-created tracks. But why waste time with counterfeit cuts when you can experience the work of the truly inspired Daft Punk and Tron admirers at Eclectic Method? The first of many forthcoming video micro-sites by the trio has the master audio-visual remixers paying tribute to both of their inspirations in the form of a fun, fast-paced clip that mashes up images and sound from the band and the film. Watch our exclusive premiere of the aptly named Daft Tron after the jump. New Yorkers who like what they see (and hear) can check out Eclectic Method when they headline GBH’s Girls & Boys party this Friday, August 6th at Webster Hall.