eHow’s Guide to Hipster Life


Thanks to the keen eyes of The Daily Swarm, we recently got a glimpse of the hilarious eHow article “How to Be a Music Hipster.” The guide includes such helpful tips as, “Create a livejournal account and join the group ‘indie exchange,'” and “For songs that will make you cool at a party, check out The Hood Internet and MAD DECENT.” Impressed by the deep insight of writer “tronjavolta,” we searched eHow for other articles on hipsterdom in hopes of understanding this mysterious subculture. Lo and behold, eHow is kind of obsessed with hipsters! Our search yielded pages and pages of entries. After the jump, check out excerpts of the most notable, hilarious (intentionally or otherwise) guides and adjust your tragically un-hip life accordingly.

How to Dress Like a Hipster

How to Attract Hipster Girls

(We’re sorry. We can’t simply excerpt this one. The full article is a must-read.)

How to Argue Music with a Hipster

How to Camp with a Hipster

What Is An Urban Hipster?

Hipster Hairstyles for Men

How to Find a Job as a Hipster

How to Be a Euro Hipster

How to Be a Hipster, a Real Hipster

(Yes, that is actually the title of this article.)

How to Reason with a Hipster