Advance Notice: DJ/ rupture and Andy Moor’s Patches


Known for his impossibly out-there turntable antics, DJ/ rupture is an unmistakable original. Andy Moor, meanwhile, has made a name as one of the most fiercely independent and anarchist guitarists. The question isn’t whether a collaboration between the two will sound original. The question is, will their combined effect be utterly overwhelming? After the jump, Michael Byrne, weighs in with Flavorwire’s review.

DJ/ rupture and Andy Moor – Patches A collaboration between beloved experimentalist DJ/rupture and guitarist Andy Moor (of almighty Dutch post-punk outfit the Ex) is one of those grand ideas that’s so soaked with such record-geek pretense it could easily end up a crispy black mess. Luckily, Moor is well indoctrinated to the ways of the Ex, a band whose mind blowing collaborations are the stuff of lore, and his work with turntablist rebel warrior DJ/ rupture skirts the potential pitfall of over-indulgence. It starts out innocuously enough: DJ/ rupture mostly owns throbbing dubstep number “Hot Pink Orleans,” with Moor adding brittle, melodic accompaniment. It’s without a wrinkle, so much so that it’s hard to believe it comes from two different brains. As the record progresses, DJ/ rupture slowly leaves behind dubstep, letting somber, verging on angry, guitar-centric tunes take the fore. The entrancing “The Sheep Look Up,” the mostly beatless “One Hundred Month Bloom,” and its sly nick of the melody from “Today,” the slow, acerbic guitar build-up of “Broken Minded.” Amazing, apocalyptic stuff.

– Michael Byrne

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