The 10 Best Celebrity PSAs from the ’90s


In some ways, looking back at the ’90s today feels like we’re looking at a foreign culture — one that just happens to like floral-print vests and white-wash jeans. But there is at least one connecting thread: PSAs. While today’s TV spots tend to focus the dangers of sexting and texting while driving, back in the good old days, it was all about keeping kids off of drugs and hooked on books. Oh, and famous people. Click through to view our 10 favorites that feature celebrities of the era.

10. Mary J. Blige

9. Eric Carr of Kiss

8. Fred Savage

7. Jaleel White

6. MC Hammer

5. David Schwimmer

4. Will Smith

3. The cast of Full House

2. Seth Green

1. The cast of Power Rangers