We’re Bored by Justin Timberlake: The Real Best-Dressed Males in America


Earlier this week, GQ dubbed their current cover boy Justin Timberlake the most stylish male in America. Considering it’s GQ, we weren’t surprised. The list is classic GQ — a resounding meh. Even if JT’s William Rast label made into the Tents at New York Fashion Week, a suit + a skinny tie + a fedora + a fresh pair of sneaks doesn’t = stylish. Sorry, Mark Ronson. It’s ubiquitous. It’s boring. In fact, it sums up why we find their entire list so yawn-inducing.

Yes, fashion can be a difficult thing to conquer. And as many have displayed, there’s a fine line between trying too hard (such as the rainbow robe-donning mess known as MGMT) and simply knowing how to dress to impress (Andre 3000, you never fail to make us smile). After the jump, our picks for the genuine trendsetters and a few less fortunate celebrities in need of a style intervention.


1. Lenny Kravitz No need to explain. He’s the man.

2. Semi Precious Weapons These self-proclaimed glam rockers live by being “seen and heard.” Frontman Justin Tranter, who boasts his very own jewelry line, is the only male who can make leggings look cool. Plus, in one song he sings, “I can’t pay my rent, but I’m fucking gorgeous,” which should be every New Yorker’s theme song.

3. Justice Skinny jeans, Ray Bans, leather jacket, boots. Sure, the hipster look seems like a piece of cake to pull off, but Justice’s hipper than thou swagger isn’t so easy to fake — it’s that effortlessly cool, detached French thing that makes this pair more smoking than a pack of Gauloises.

4. Pete Doherty Amy Winehouse’s former mess of a partner in crime also has a head-turning look; wethinks Kate Moss trained him well. He’s got the whole filthy, I’ve-been-up-for-48-hours-chasing-the-white-horse-but-now-I’m-going-to-throw-on-a-trench-coat-and-hat-and go-outside-anyway-thing down to an art. It’s brave. And that’s why we dig his style.

5. Andre 3000 A celebrity clothing line that’s actually pretty quality? Holy Olsen twin! Andre 3000 of Outkast launched Benjamin Bixby, which is inspired by college football circa 1935 and his personal style, last fall to raves. Translation: Bring on the sample sale.


1. MGMT You know those annoying pseudo hipsters at rooftop parties who obnoxiously discuss esoteric films and take arty Polaroids of what could be a who’s wearing the most American Apparel contest? We’ll say no more.

2. Mickey Rourke With his penchant for greasy hair, orange skin pigmentation, and well, dogs, Rourke is the epitome of a hot mess. And we love him for it. The camera just doesn’t.

3. Joaquin Phoenix This Unabomber routine will go down in celeb history as a classic example of the worst and oddest reinvention/meltdown/need for an Extreme Makeover, ever. Really.

4. T-Pain One word, a world of pain: paisley.

5. Criss Angel Remember when Ed Hardy was cool? That’s how we feel about Criss Angel. The eyeliner, the black nail polish, the douchey tude and lame magic tricks. Can he please make his goth-like outfits disappear?