The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. The tagline/image combination on the Yogi Bear movie poster is a little surprising given that it’s a kid’s movie and not a gay porn, don’t you think? [via BWE] 2. David Cross has revealed new details about what Tobias will be up to in the Arrested Development movie: “It’ll be the year 2087. He’ll be working on a garbage barge in space. And it’ll be made out of wasabi peas, which of course, he’s allergic to. But he’ll be hungry…” [via Wonderwall] 3. Richard Price will write a series of detective novels under the pen name Jay Morris starting in fall 2011. [via Sarah Weinman] 4. To be filed under things that make Jack White really angry: when “hip motherfuckers” like Mary-Kate Olsen consume free drinks while he’s trying to play music. [via Gatecrasher] 5. Justin Timberlake will voice a gay character in an upcoming episode of Fox‘s cartoon comedy The Cleveland Show. [via omg!]