What’s on at Flavorpill: links that made the rounds in our office


Today at Flavorpill we were excited to find out that Gang Gang Dance will still be playing our Armory Show afterparty at the MoMA, even after fire destroyed their gear. We nearly fell out of our seats laughing at this kittens video. We listened to TV On The Radio remix Nat King Cole — it’s part of an upcoming compilation. We found it funny that Gayle King gets to reject Chris Brown’s apology — who does she think she is, Oprah? We weren’t sure who to believe in the Don Murphy/Alan Moore Watchmen smackdown. We’re officially intrigued by this Scott Pilgrim flick. We want to know how Phelps avoided getting in legal trouble for the pot. We nearly threw up thanks to this collection of stuff (read: teeth) found on the London Underground. And finally, we enjoyed Idolator’s take on William Safire’s take on (explanation of?) mashups.