Pic of the Day: IKEA’s Surrealist Kitchen Sculpture


It’s not like IKEA doesn’t give us ample clues as to how strange they are — in the form odd toys (fairy god-frog, anyone?) and lamps that look like eye charts. But who knew they had it in them to mount a full-scale contemporary art installation? Behold the aptly named Surrealistika, which juxtaposes IKEA’s kitchen appliances with a giant birch tree.

According to Designboom, “The piece is meant to depict a surreal vision of the future, when environmental concerns will be even more prominent at the core of kitchen design.” Considering Breton and his Surrealist crew were always seeking to make the familiar strange, we imagine they’d wholeheartedly approve. Surrealistika will make its debut Thursday, as part of the Surreal House Exhibition at London’s Barbican Center.

Images and video via Designboom