What Your Dream Lost Auction Item Says About You


Lost has already been gone a few months, but it lives on in the hearts and minds of its faithful fans. And that’s why we’re betting that the show’s enormous prop and costume auction will be a runaway success. Now that the full catalog is available for download (you can also order a print edition for $55), we’ve had a chance to peruse the extensive selection. Since Lost has always been a personality test of sorts — are you a man of faith or a man of science? — we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite items for each kind of Lostie, from the vengeful fan who covets Sawyer’s letter to the man who killed his parents to the physics nerd who can’t wait to get her hands on Faraday’s time machine.

Season 1

Shannon’s clothes: Slutty Lostie

Kate and Tom’s time capsule: Sentimental Lostie

Sawyer’s letter: Vengeful Lostie

Charlie’s Drive Shaft gear: Rocker Lostie

Survival tools and bottled water: Practical Lostie

Virgin Mary statues: Religious and/or heroin-addicted Lostie

Season 2

Mr. Cluck costume: Lostie with a sense of humor

Shannon’s death outfit: Lostie with a sick sense of humor

Sayid’s torture tools: Sick Lostie (sense of humor optional)

Sawyer’s novels: Bookworm Lostie

Swan station record player and LPs: Retro Lostie

Season 3

Claire’s dress: Stylish Lostie

Dharma beer cans: Lostie who watched the show drunk

Locke’s flash-forward coffin: Morbid Lostie

Ben’s tribal masks: Anthropologist Lostie

Penny’s engagement ring: Romantic Lostie

Season 4

Photo of Jack and Aaron: Pro-Jack and Kate Lostie

Ben’s traveling gear: Worldly Lostie

Faraday’s time machine and rat maze: Physics geek Lostie

Miles’s ghost detector: Ouija board-toting Lostie

Jacob’s cabin blueprint: Die-hard Team Jacob Lostie

Season 5

Kate’s ’70s Dharma outfit: Bohemian Lostie

Sun’s wedding outfits: Engaged Lostie

Hurley’s Empire Strikes Back rewrite: Star Wars geek Lostie

Prop nuke: Destructive Lostie

The Dharma van: Stoner Lostie

Season 6

Ben’s “Dr. Linus” costume: Academic Lostie

Temple fragment: Lostie who can (and will!) read hieroglyphics

Dogen and Lennon’s costumes: Lostie interested in Lost cosplay

Claire’s squirrel baby: Hysterical Lostie

Jacob and the Man in Black’s game: Metaphysical Lostie