Video of the Day: A Fan-Made Marina and the Diamonds Megamix


Video director Eugene Lee Yang, aka Ely, found himself so enamored with the music and messages of rising star Marina and the Diamonds that he decided to create a megamix music video all on his own. What differentiates this from other fan projects, however, is the astonishing production values Yang threw behind the project. Featuring a full cast of actors and dancers, elaborate costuming, and studio-quality stage sets, “I Am Not a Princess” uses a ten-minute edit of tracks from Marina’s debut album, The Family Jewels, to create a stunning storybook world populated by colorful (and familiar) characters.

As Yang explains, “My fairy tale dream was this: to produce and direct my ideal music video with no limitations…to allow a spectacular young cast and crew to perform solely off their own creativity…to encourage and embrace diversity on film…to direct a project both my grandmother and little sister could love and understand…and, if anything, to promote a new artist who sincerely deserves more international attention.”

Yang initially made waves on online last year with another spec video he created, that time for a mash-up of Lady Gaga’s “Boys Boys Boys” and “Fashion,” which you can see here.