Speed-the-Plow Not Such a Stretch for Ari Gold


ENTOURAGE‘s JEREMY PIVEN makes his Broadway debut in DAVID MAMET’s SPEED-THE-PLOW on Thursday night with stage veteran RAUL ESPARZA and MAD MEN‘s ELISABETH MOSS co-starring.

As the plays centers on women, power and Hollywood, he’ll be treading territory all to familiar to his on-screen alter ego, ARI GOLD.

Indulge us and imagine if the rest of the Entourage boys were suddenly transported to the Great White Way. Which shows could you picture each one starring in?

Check out our short list after the jump and tell us if you think we’re missing the boat.

VINCENT CHASE – EQUUS Sure, he’s older than current star DANIEL RADCLIFFE, but we can easily imagine Vince playing a young man who is obsessed with horses.

“DRAMA” CHASE – GREASE We can’t imagine Drama in a drama, but the idea of him as one of DANNY ZUKO’s greaser sidekicks seems realistic. If that kid from AMERICAN IDOL can hack it…

ERIC MURPHY – ALL MY SONS As the group’s moral compass, old-school E would fit right in with the cast of this ARTHUR MILLER show. We’d see him playing Chris Keller — an idealist who romances his dead brother’s fiancee.

TURTLE – SHREK THE MUSICAL In the interest of full disclosure, we haven’t seen this one, but based on the movie, Entourage‘s resident clown would make an excellent Shrek — albeit, with a slightly different accent.