10 Requirements for Working at Twitter


So, you want to work for Twitter? Yeah, you and all the other young, hip programmers out there (who didn’t get hired by Tumblr)! Luckily, the team at Twitter HQ has released an adorable (some folks, meaner than us, might call it “twee”) recruitment video. Because it doesn’t exactly make job requirements clear, we’ve decided to give potential applicants a leg up on the hiring process by reading between the lines of this listing in video form. Watch the video after the jump and follow along as we give you the inside scoop on how to score a position at Twitter.

1. Must be a Wes Anderson fan. This is non-negotiable. Bonus points for understanding obscure Rushmore references and the ability to utter the sentence “My family kind of reminds me of the Tenenbaums” without a trace of irony.

2. Must be under the age of 30 — because we don’t want anyone throwing their back out on the double human pyramid.

3. Preferred male accessories: Sweatshirts with the hood pulled over head, nerd-chic glasses, stubble/full-on beard.

4. Preferred female accessories: Sunglasses indoors, watering cans, sweaters stitched to look like baseballs — basically anything that screams “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.”

5. Must find handmade, lo-fi, and/or non-digital media charming and quaint.

6. Must respond well to post-feminist “pimp” humor, however subtle.

7. Must have ironic appreciation for the trappings of yuppie life.

8. Ideal candidates: men who enjoy nerdy pastimes and the women who love them.

9. Must demonstrate interests in semi-extreme sports.

10. Experience required: Must understand what is funny about command line on screen in the background of this image.