Why is Madonna doing another movie? Plus, 8 other cultural questions [Mid Day Links]


Books: Will people go just as nuts over The DaVinci Code sequel? Dance/Opera: Why didn’t these dudes put something more interesting in their operatic time capsule? Design: Is ‘Peace centre with a panic room’ the best alliterative headline ever? Film: Does Madonna have another Evita in her or should we prepare to be Swept Away? Music: Will M.I.A. perform at the Oscars from the comfort of a large bed? Television: Does anyone else find it ironic that Trump Entertainment files for bankruptcy right as a new season of Celebrity Apprentice is set to launch? Somewhere Rosie O’Donnell is smiling. Theatre: Wasn’t anyone other than Jerry Springer available to star in Chicago? Or this casting choice some sort of British humor that’s going over our heads? Visual Arts: What is Wikipedia Art? And why did Wikipedia users delete it? Web: Did you realize 45 people visit Harry Potter’s grave each month? Thank you Harper’s Index.