Video of the Day: Lil’ Susan Boyle Sings


What we find less amazing than the fact that Jackie Evancho (aka Lil Susan Boyle) is only 10 years old is the fact that she’s tricked so many Americans into listening to and enjoying Puccini. Real opera! (Apologies Prince Poppycock, but you’re obviously only it for the costumes.) Also, if the America’s Got Talent judges need proof that she’s a real child prodigy, and not some tiny lady, we’d argue that the fact she starts crying tears of joy only after a free trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is mentioned is a pretty solid indicator. Click through and watch the rather uncanny performance.

Want your 10-year-old self to feel like ever more of a failure? On December 2, Jackie’s scheduled to sing at Carnegie Hall — and will be the youngest female vocal soloist ever to have performed there.

[via The Daily What]