Max Headroom Is Back: Classic Clips You Won’t Find on the DVD


Have words like blipvert, fringer, and Zik-Zak entered your lexicon in the last few days? Got ’80s New Coke on the brain? Have no idea what we’re talking about? Shout! Factory’s recent release of Max Headroom: The Complete Series , a show that ABC aired from 1987 to 1988, has those of us who spent our childhoods in front of the TV excited. With a pronounced jaw line and cool shades set against a backdrop of geometric lines, Max Headroom’s trademark stutter and biting criticism of big corporation, network television and censorship, intrigued us. His smooth style and love of golf charmed us. After the jump, we celebrate our nostalgia for a young Matt Frewer by dredging up some classic Max Headroom clips you won’t find on the DVD.

Just as applicable now as it was then: Are you a man wearing flip flops and baggy shorts? Max lets you know his thoughts.

Max goes on and on about his love for golf. Included at the end is a clip of Ledernacken’s (we’ve never heard of them, either) music video “Ich Will Dich Essen” (I Want To Eat You).

Max Headroom interviews a young Sting and hates his shoes. Sting says golf is “an old man’s game.”

Among the array of Max Headroom New Coke videos, here’s one you’ve probably never seen with Run DMC, VCR glitches, and tracking adjustments.

Max Headroom takes us through the alphabet on Sesame Street. M is, of course, for Max.

Any favorites that we missed? Let us know in the comments!