The Five Most Insane, Famous Monkeys of All Time


Yesterday 15-year-old Travis was just another chimp in showbiz with hobbies that included drinking fine wine and surfing the web. That was before he was shot dead by police after “inexplicably” going berserko on owner Sandra Herold’s BFF. According to the AP:

“[Stamford police Capt. Richard] Conklin told reporters the chimp was acting so agitated earlier that afternoon that Herold gave him the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in some tea. Conklin also suggested the animal may have attacked Nash because she was wearing her hair differently and perhaps wasn’t recognized.”

After the jump, in honor of our fallen friend and to prove that he’s not alone, we count down the five craziest pop culture primates of all time. Let us know who we’ve left out in the comments. [PS. Thanks to what evs (dot org) for the inspiration; we couldn’t stop giggling at your post, so we decided that we had to write our own.]

5. King Kong from the original King Kong

4. The Nazi monkey from Raiders of the Lost Ark

3. Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes

2. Jack from Pirates Of The Caribbean

1. Travis from the Old Navy commercial