Etsy’s Weirdest Lady Gaga Art


Being the kind of iconoclastic, over-the-top gal she is, Lady Gaga has been known to inspire some odd tributes. But this disconcertingly competent painting of a vampiric Gaga crouched over a dead unicorn, her mouth ringed with blood, is something else entirely. Here’s how it happened: 1. Someone posted a request detailing what the image should look like on Etsy. 2. Helen Killer published it on Regretsy. 3. An artist saw the Regretsy post and made the painting.

When we were finally able to tear ourselves away from the painting, we had to wonder: What about the Lady Gaga art that’s already on Etsy? Is it possible that it’s equally bizarre? We answer that question once and for all after the jump.

Gaga with bedazzled stiffy The best thing about this product that isn’t obvious from the photo? It costs $125.

Gaga tattoo art This is probably the least weird piece on the list, but the muffin with the “bluffin'” sash(?) puts it over the top.

Doggie Gaga So, this series (of nine images) has already gotten its share of press. But we’re still not over it.

Gaga for nerds And you thought you’d never find the perfect gift for the Gaga-loving math enthusiast in your life!

Psychedelic Gaga When Lady Gaga’s breasts have morphed into a skull’s cavernous eye holes, it is time to lay off the acid.

Skeleton Gaga We take it you think she’s gotten a bit too skinny?

“Needle felted” Gaga 1. Does she have pink eye? 2. Where are her legs? 3. WTF.