MC Hammer’s New Show “Similar to an Unscripted Version of the Huxtable Family” [Morning Links]


Book: A fascinating book about everyday peeps affected by Katrina. [NYT] Dance/Opera: Love the choreography in West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof or Gypsy? DVR tonight’s Jerome Robbins doc on PBS. [Playbill] Design: There’s no privacy in this proposed Chinese City Center. [Gizmodo] Film: Dirty old filmmaker Pedro Almodovar has released a “naughty” short; it’s a spin-off of his forthcoming Penelope Cruz flick, Broken Embraces. [Telegraph] Music: Rihanna needs an Oprah intervention. [NYDN] Television: Will you be donning a Hypercolor T-shirt when you watch Hammertime? We will. [THR] Theatre: “Legit” critics still have the power to get 41.5 year olds to pay too much to go to the theatre. Yay? [Variety] Visual Arts: A Swedish masters student who submitted a video of “someone” vandalizing a train car for his thesis project is not getting an A. [BBC] Web: Facebook is for the olds. [Fimoculous]