Light Installation Near the Manhattan Bridge? [Reader Submitted Q’s]


Hi gang. It’s early in the morning and we just got a question from a reader that left us stumped. While we fully intend to put one of our crackerjack interns on the case whenever they decide to come yawning into Flavorpill, we’re a bit lethargic, and so we’re hoping that one of you might know the answer off the top of your head. If so, please leave it in the comments area. OK, here goes.

“Hey, I saw what looked like a light art installation when the subway came above ground after leaving Brooklyn last night. Any idea what this is? It looked very Jenny Holzer.”

We’re assuming he was on the D or N line, which would mean he was talking about something around the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn side. The only thing we know of in the area is the “This Way” installation at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe that’s what he’s talking about… any other bright (har, har) ideas?