Roadkill Cake: The Dark Underbelly of Iowa’s Fairs


Anyone who has ever waited in a long line for fried Oreos at the fair knows that it’s the kind of place where things can get ugly. But while frightening, that kind of experience pales in comparison to a viewing of the freakish submissions to annual food contests like the Iowa State Fair’s Ugly Cake Competition. See some of our favorite past entries after the jump — but only if you’ve already finished your lunch!

Roadkill cake [via Worth the Whisk]

We find it hard to believe that this cake follows the rule, “must be edible.” [via Serious Eats]

We think the pink frosting really complements the yellow toenails. [via Mental Floss]

Something with turnips [via Karri_Wells]

She won’t stop looking at us. [via Gazette Food]

This one has teeth. [via Karri Wells]

After the third hot dog and a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl [via MPR]

In case you can’t tell, it’s a foot missing its toe. [via MPR]

Yes, it’s a litter box. [via Gazette Food]

Window display of some winners [via Gazette Food]

Which ugly cake would you vote for?