Watch of Montreal’s Bloodthirsty New “Coquet Coquette” Video


More than any of their other albums to date (and they have a ton of them!), of Montreal’s False Priest — out September 14th — is a soundtrack to weird sex. But just because its music is devoted to getting freaky doesn’t mean their videos can’t be a serious freak show, of the non-romantic variety. The band has just released a clip for its coyly titled “Coquet Coquette,” and guess what? Not only is it miles from the fey Kevin Barnes costume dramas we’ve come to know and love, but it’s a vaguely macho (although not too butch for makeup…) struggle between a boat full of explorers and angry natives that quickly devolves into, well, cannibalism. And yet, we can also imagine that the sight of a shirtless Barnes sprayed with blood will still manage to get someone in the mood.