The Avatar Generator That Confirms What We Already Knew: Mary-Kate Olsen Is an Alien Life Form


A new Web site currently making the rounds among around friends has a simple, mindless premise that rivals the genius that was Spiderman Reviews Crayons. It’s called Turn Your Name Into a Face and it does just that. For some reason playing around with it cracks us up — that beauty to the left is “Flavorwire.”

Maybe it’s an ironic form of narcissism.

You type in your name and a program creates an avatar for you. There doesn’t seem to be much correlation between the letters and who pops up — for instance, when I typed in my middle name, “Anne,” the resulting avatar was male — but we’re guessing that’s part of the strange allure of this meme.

You get the same results each time you input the same name, which inevitably results in you typing in the names of everyone else you know — or if you’re like us, a lot of people you only wish you did. After the jump, you’re not going to believe what popped up when we typed in MARY-KATE OLSEN.

Stop judging us. It’s funny. And possibly even cooler than portraits made from type.