Can Seth Rogen Save a Porno Mag?


This just in! According to Page Six (who is possibly not to be trusted because they spelled his name wrong): “STRUGGLING Playboy magazine is putting a guy on the cover for only the ninth time in the monthly’s 56-year history. Knocked Up star Seth Rogan will grace the cover of the March issue, following in the steps of Peter Sellers, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld and Burt Reynolds. An insider told us Rogan will pose with Jason Kidd’s baby mama, Hope Dworaczyk, but Playboy reps declined to comment.”


While we’ve been huge Rogen fans since his Freaks and Geeks days, we’re not sure that he’s the right person to save the mag from recession woes at the newsstand — just look what happened to poor Kevin Smith. The upside: At least he’ll have documentation of his Green Hornet physique if the pic never pans out. We’re assuming they’re banking on some love from his ardent female fan base, but it will be interesting to see if the guys who identify with his whole Apatow manchild persona will fork over the cash.

Who are we kidding? They’re probably already subscribers.

PS. Burt Reynolds. Ew.

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