10 Great Fan-Made Typography Music Videos


In what has already become a viral sensation, 50 Cent has posted his remix of Cee-Lo’s cathartic hit “Fuck You.” Many have commented on the video’s clean, aesthetically pleasing typography. We love the clip, too, and as font enthusiasts are hoping to see more like it. But we’re also excited about the profusion of fan-made kinetic typography videos out there, created in large part by design students and freelance types. After the jump, check out 10 of our favorites.

1. OutKast — “Hey Ya!” We’re not sure how we feel about the acoustic cover of what was already a pretty perfect pop song, but we are all for the typographical gymnastics on display here.

2. Daft Punk — “Harder Better Faster Stronger” The neon type and 8-bit inspiration are a perfect accompaniment for this beloved track. The robot assembly line is just a wonderful bonus.

3. Nina Simone — “Feeling Good” This classy, minimalist black-and-white clip is the perfect tribute to one of America’s greatest blues singers. YouTubers must agree: the video has already been viewed over 900,000 times.

4. NOFX — “All Outta Angst” The type in the video for this horn-heavy punk song can’t help but remind us of Mad Men, and the animated instruments are a nice touch, too.

5. House of Pain — “Jump Around” Props to the creator of this video for keeping up with House of Pain’s fast flow and retaining the energy with rapidly evolving visuals.

6. Eels — “Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor” The unbroken line of a hospital heart monitor morphs into cursive lyrics in perfect evocation of this song’s unfortunate inspiration — the songwriter’s sister’s suicide.

7. Telepopmusik — “Just Breathe” The bright, dancing yellows and blues of this video are Telepopmusik’s hazy, languid, summer sound translated into video.

8. Non-Prophets — “Fresh” When you’re making a typography video, it helps to choose a track with great lyrics. But compared with the record player and sewing sampler motifs here, they’re just icing on the cake.

9. The Beatles — “Help”

There are a few questionably tasteful typeface decisions here, but we love the dynamic animation and adorable mascot.

10. Blackalicious — “Alphabet Aerobics” Not only does the creators of this impressive video keep pace with Gift of Gab’s rapid-fire delivery, but they also manage to throw up an image for just about every random cultural reference the emcee spits out.