The Wait for Lil Wayne: Rockstar Just Got Longer [Music Links]


The good news: Lil Wayne has added more tour dates after dominating the Grammys. The bad news: he has pushed back the release date of Rebirth to May 19, so we’ll have to wait a month longer to hear him rock out. [MTV]

The thought of Guy Fieri cooking in the mess hall at Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp make us sad. [A.V. Club]

It’s only natural that the Tupac biopic would devolve into a turf war over the rights to rapper’s life story. But we’re confused why everyone’s getting in such a huff after Notorious bombed out at the box office. [Billboard]

Greg Laswell’s acoustic goodness is so soothing; we’ve almost stopped shaking after chugging a six-pack of Diet Coke. [Daytrotter]

Way to find the silver lining to domestic abuse, E! [Defamer]

Rufus Wainwright is such a freaking weirdo. We love it. [Pitchfork]

But not as much as we love M. Ward. Swoon. [Stereogum]