Joseph Arthur + Ben Harper + Dhani Harrison = Fistful of Mercy


Earlier today, we received an email that simply read: “Fistful Of Mercy is Joseph Arthur, Ben Harper, and Dhani Harrrison,” followed by a link to

Note to publicists: sometimes less definitely is more, as this sparse, hyperbole-free notice was enough to have us instantly clicking through to learn more. The new supergroup’s website is equally bare, and its Facebook and MySpace pages just went live today, but they do feature a phenomenal video for what appears to be the trio’s first single — a moving, self-titled track that features all three musicians on both guitar and vocals. Watch it for yourself after the jump and tell us if you’re as excited for this collaboration as we are.

The formation of Fistful of Mercy follows a handful of onstage collabs between Arthur and Harper at the former’s solo shows in Los Angeles earlier this year, with Harrison — the son of the Beatles’ George Harrison — rounding out the lineup.