10 Sites to Bookmark From Time’s Top 50


Time magazine released its top 50 websites of 2010 yesterday, with categories ranging from productivity to food to games. They first started picking the best of the web back in 2002, when they highlighted the Onion, Epinions, and now defunct gaming site flipside.com, among others. In 2005 Flavorpill was honored as one of the “coolest” sites on the web in the Lifestyle, Health and Hobbies section. So allow us to pick out our favorite 10 of this year’s list, with a focus on what we know best. Get ready to add a few new sites to your bookmarks that will help you travel, monitor your finances, eat better and, of course, waste your free time playing games.

1. Movieclips – Still going to YouTube to find movie clips for your blog? Whether the scene’s a bonafide classic or from a film still in theaters, Movieclips probably has you covered.

2. Grooveshark – Away from your beloved iTunes library? Grooveshark makes a great substitute, and it’s ready for an on-the-go-style playlist, so there won’t be any awkward silences while you frantically search for the next jam.

3. Serious Eats – For when you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen, stop by Serious Eats for a recipe worthy of a grown-up.

4. mint – Manage a budget, monitor savings, set goals like buying a house and save money, all with this secure, free service.

5. Springpad – These days we take in a lot of information from web sites, social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, and of course, from email. Springpad offers a place to put everything. It’ll even sync between your computer and your mobile device.

6. >Stay.com – The next time you travel abroad, ditch the clunky guidebook for a totally customizable PDF, with hotel, restaurant, and tourism info just for you, folded in your back pocket.

7. >Seat Guru – How complex is your rubric for picking seats on a flight? Does it include overhead storage space, galley activity, and amount of legroom? Seat Guru’s got you covered.

8. >Mayo Clinic – Sometimes we can afford to sift through bogus information online, but when it comes to your health or the health of your loved ones, Google doesn’t have to be your destination. Mayo Clinic offers real information that’s easy to find.

9. Newgrounds – When you want to play online games, might as well go right to the best. Upgrade Complete almost kept this post from getting finished.

10. TED – One place you can kill time on the Internet and learn something. And you don’t even have to read anything: TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) features videos of short, great talks. Time highlights Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech from 2005, but honestly it’s hard to find anything boring on the site.