The Flavorpill Mixtape XL: Two Door Cinema Club Edition


This week’s mix is a little different. Specially curated by a North Ireland-based trio named after the mispronunciation of a local Tudor Cinema, this collection of ten songs showcases the eclectic influences that inspire their brand of catchy indie pop.

Two Door Cinema Club has already been featured as one of BBC’s Sounds of 2010 and opened for Phoenix. Their selections range from notables like Sufjan Stevens and Ben Gibbard to up and comers like Wild Nothing and Fool’s Gold. Click through the links to download the songs individually or all at once, after the jump, and read what Two Door Cinema Club has to say about each band.

1. Fool’s Gold – “The World Is All There Is” “I saw this band at Pukklepop festival, and everyone was dancing and just going crazy. They are a bit different, and it was really fun to watch.”

2. Les Savy Fav – “Excess Energies” “This comes off their new album, Root for Ruin. I love the lyrics and guitar playing in this band. They really don’t disappoint.”

3. The Cast of Cheers – “Tigerfox” “A new band from Dublin, Ireland who play ‘mathematical punk rock.’ The opening line from another track on the album is ‘Crooked Vampire! Super James Dean!’ How can you not love them?” Pick up their free album here.

4. Sufjan Stevens – “All Delighted People” “The title track off his new EP is another one of his more beautiful tracks. I always feel he is pretty original in what he does, so it’s nice to have something like this again.”

5. Deltron – “Things You Can Do” “Here is an example of some perfect hip hop. This guy is a wonderful lyricist.”

6. Not Squares – “Release the Bees” “This is an electronic band from Belfast, Northern Ireland.”

7. Blood Red Shoes – “Heartsink” “This track is a unique blend of industrial guitars and thumping dance beats that work really well together. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a real corker live.”

8. Kowalski – “Take Care, Take Flight” “This is one of our favorite bands in the world. They are friends from our hometown, Bangor. Melodic, upbeat, cool, indie.”

9. Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard – “One Fast Move or I’m Gone” “This song is perfect to relax to. The lyrics are taken from Kerouac’s Big Sur, which is a favorite of mine.”

10. Wild Nothing – “Live in Dreams” “Beautiful, dreamy, indie music with pretty interesting lyrics. It is off the debut album Gemini, which is fantastic!”

Download the entire mix here.

Special thanks to the good people at Glassnote Records for making this happen.