Turning Dirty 30: Former Child Stars Who Make Us Feel Old


The news that Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin turns the big 3-0 today blew our minds. While he has taken roles in smaller films like Party Monster and Saved in recent years, for the most part he has flown under the radar since he played Kevin McCallister — rendering him permanently 10 years old in our minds. To give this pop culture milestone some context, we’ve rounded up nine other child stars who recently turned 30, or will be in the coming months. Who do you think has changed the most now that they’re all grown up?

Anna Chlumsky, born December 3, 1980

Ben Savage, born September 13, 1980

Chris Owen, born September 25, 1980

Christina Ricci, born February 12, 1980

Jaimee Foxworth, born December 17, 1979

Jason James Richter, born January 29, 1980

Luke Edwards, born March 24, 1980

Macaulay Culkin, born August 26, 1980

Matthew Lawrence, born February 11, 1980

Rider Strong, born December 11, 1979