Daily Dose Pick: The Creators Project


Focusing on new technology, the Creators Project is an online and real-world hub for groundbreaking work from some of the best visual, multimedia, and musical artists of the digital age.

Founded by Vice and Intel, the Project pairs an increasingly intriguing web archive of work by the likes of Spike Jonze, Diplo, Romain Gavras, Danny Perez, Mark Ronson, Phoenix, and James Powderly with a series of immersive music and art events taking place in major metropolises throughout 2010. Next up is Seoul on August 28, followed by Beijing on September 17.

Explore the Creators Project website, check out a list of all the featured artists, watch more videos on Vimeo, become a fan on Facebook, and follow the Creators Project on Twitter.

Click through below for images and video from the Creators Project.

Artwork by Choi Jeong Ha

Artwork by Andy Mueller

Artwork by Ray Lei

Installation by Muti Randolph

3D skate photography by Sebastian Denz

Photography by Ye Ranji