Born to Run: Photos of Rock Stars with Their Cars


Since playing music is so much about being on the road, and since rock ‘n’ roll is so much about being reckless and young and fast, it’s no wonder that so many rock icons have been photographed and immortalized with their cars. Click through to see a roundup of 10 of our favorite photographs of famous musicians mugging alongside their rides.

Bruce Springsteen with his ’60 Corvette. Frank Stefanko, Haddonfield, NJ, 1978

Sonny and Cher’s his and hers Ford Mustangs custom-designed by George Barris for the movie Good Times

Joe Strummer of The Clash bending over beautiful Gaby Salter. NYC ’81. Photo Credit: Bob Gruen

The Beatles by John Lennon’s car after he passed his L-test 15th February 1965 [via]

Janis Joplin’s psychedelic 1965 Porsche 356c Cabriolet

Neil Young sitting atop his 1959 Lincoln Continental on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, 1975

Bob Dylan posing near a Austin Princess Limo. Photo Credit: Barry Feinstein

Johnny Cash’s GM “One Piece at a Time” car, April 1976

Joan Jett posing with her first car, a Jaguar XJ-S [via]

The Who circa 1967, Pete Towshend on a Lincoln Coninental, John Entwistle on a Lincoldn Continental and Roger Daltrey on a 3.8 Jaguar.