Flavorpill’s Official 2010 Emmy Awards Drinking Game


Still undecided about whether you’re watching the Emmys on Sunday night? Our friends at Vulture are predicting an epic showdown between the Goliaths (such as 30 Rock, Mad Men, and Lost) and the Davids (like Glee, Modern Family, The Good Wife, and Nurse Jackie), and we totally agree. We’d also like to suggest that like any other major sporting event, enjoyment of this awards show showdown will only be increased by your inebriation.

In that spirit, we present Flavorpill’s Official 2010 Emmy Awards Drinking Game. Join in, but be warned: We are not responsible for how you feel come Monday morning.

Take a sip… – If you hear the words “Twitter” or “tweet” – Every time someone talks about how much they love Glee – When host Jimmy Fallon starts cracking up during one of his bits – Every time the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno drama comes up

Take shot… – If Conan O’Brien says something that could be construed as something bad about NBC – When Neil Patrick Harris manages to steal the spotlight from Fallon – In the likely event that Alec Baldwin wins a third (albeit well-deserved!) Emmy for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy – Every time someone references Christina Hendricks’ hot bod OR the cast of True Blood on that Rolling Stone cover

Chug… – If Conan O’Brien actually says something bad about NBC, and don’t stop until the audience stops laughing – Every time a thank-you speech is interrupted by music, and don’t stop until the person makes it off stage – Whenever anyone mentions what a fantastic year it has been for Betty White – If you have to sit through one of those Infiniti ads starring the cast of Community — it’ll make their shilling less painful to watch

Finish your drink… – In the unlikely event that Conan O’Brien threatens physical violence against NBC – If the unthinkable happens: Lost doesn’t win for Outstanding Drama Series OR Jane Lynch fails to win for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series – In protest if anyone from The Office wins an award for anything at all – If Jon Hamm finally wins for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series. And then pour yourself another and finish that too. It’s what Don Draper would want you to do.