Daily Dose Pick: CHINA: Portrait of a People


Photographer Tom Carter’s CHINA: Portrait of a People documents the 56 wide-ranging ethnic groups living in the 33 provinces that compose the vast, overwhelmingly diverse nation.

Backpacking through every region of China over the course of two years, the photojournalist met and documented everyday people who live and work far from the tourist-traveled trails. Gaining his subjects’ trust, while at times risking arrest, Carter captured the fascinating faces that comprise the People’s Republic of China, creating a stunning document in the process.

Visit Tom Carter’s website, read an interview with the photographer, and buy a copy of the book


Click through below for a gallery of images from the book.

Chengdu: a bastion of urban modernity

Tibet: white mare and rider following an ancient tea trading route

Guangxi: children have fun husking the communal corn

Gegentala: Mongolian wrestler postures for his audience

Zhejiang: shop girl shopping

Gansu: the sand dunes of Dunhuang

Henan: Young man practicing Shaolin martial arts

Kashgar: Uighur girl

Hubei: going to market

Gansu: hip Tibetan youth

Sichuan: a Tibetan family on their annual Buddhist pilgrimage

Shanxi: Miner in Linfen, China’s coal capital

Macau: prostitution helps drive the tourism industry

Fujian: traditional farmer’s waterproofs made of palm tree bark

Guizhou: learning to share

Xining: girl of the Hui minority

Shanghai: the largest city in China

Wuqiao: contortionist practicing back bends