Are These the Top 10 Typefaces of the Past Decade?


Back in 1998, Paul Shaw — a calligrapher and typographer working in New York City — wrote a piece for Letterspace, the newsletter of the Type Directors Club, naming the “top 100 typefaces of all time.” Now that a few years have passed he has decided to update the original with a list of the top ten typefaces of 2000 to 2010. Click through to check out his picks, and keep in mind what he says: “As before, it is not a list of my favorite typefaces, nor is it a list of the most popular typefaces. Instead, it is a list of typefaces that have been ‘important’ for one reason or another.”

Clearview – James Montalbano and Don Meeker, 2004

Retina – Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones, 2000

MinusculeThomas Huot, 2004

Magma – Sumner Stone, 2004

Warnock Pro– Robert Slimbach, 2000

Burgues Script – Alejandro Paul, 2007

Studio Lettering– Ken Barber, 2009

Freight – Joshua Darden, 2005

Yale – Matthew Carter, 2004

History– Peter Bil’ak, 2008