AWP, Contests, and the Loss of a Publishing Titan [Literary Links]


For we unlucky and too-poor-for-airfare writers out there, the AWP conference had to be experienced via the cyberworld where we learned everything that we needed to know: what was photographed, what was toted, and most importantly, what was quaffed.

In other parts of the world, poetry is not such a party.

Drum-roll, please… it’s time for the annual Tournament of Books! Books and judges have been announced!

In other literary contest news, the Diagram Prize for the strangest title has been narrowed down to six contenders. Our vote goes to Curbside Consultation of the Colon by Brooks D. Cash.

Don’t have time to read to the little ones? Once again, Leapfrog has you covered.

And finally, a bittersweet farewell to an important figure in book publishing, Mr. Alfred A. Knopf Jr.