The Economist: Get 12 Issues for $12


We’ve got your back on the cultural-news front, but there’s more going on in the world than gallery openings and music festivals. For a harder look at today’s issues, we recommend The Economist , which is like the less snobby version of your super-smart older sister.

Because we so value well-rounded readers, we’re hooking you up with an excellent discount: 12 issues for just $12 .

This includes unrestricted access to The Economist online, for you glossy-paper-phobes; the Technology Quarterly supplement; 20 in-depth Special Reports a year; and the special issue The World in 2011. Subscribe now, and you’ll also be entered to win one of 20 copies of the wonderful graphic memoir War Is Boring (which we highly recommended here.)

Sign up for The Economist, and soon you’ll be the one schooling your sister.