Daily Dose Pick: Richard Mosse


Irish photographer Richard Mosse looks at the fog of war and disaster through a literal rose-tinted lens, bringing unearthly color to the bleakest of scenes.

By using light-diffusion and infrared film, Mosse’s images and videos lend conflict-torn lands and disaster aftermaths an eerie, otherworldly character. By laying a Renaissance glow and Pop Art flair over tense and tragic photojournalism, he highlights the seeming unreality of the catastrophically real.

Mosse’s work also includes photos of Saddam Hussein’s vacant palaces, images of abandoned airplanes, and portraits of war-machine detritus, all spotlighting the ghostly feel of things left behind in the wake of often earth-shattering events.

View Mosse’s complete photo and video portfolio, read our exclusive interview with the photographer, and learn more about the conflict he documents in the Congo.

Click through below for a gallery of images and videos by Richard Mosse.