French Protesters: Murakami Too Hot for Versailles


Think America is the only country where conservatives pitch a hissyfit every time they don’t like an art exhibit? Well, we’re not. In fact, the French right is so incensed about a Takashi Murakami show that opens September 14th at the Palace of Versailles that they’ve started several online petitions against it and have already gathered thousands of signatures. Their beef? Some of Murakami’s work, such as a statue of an anime-inspired girl jumping rope with her own breast milk and a cowboy who, um, uses his ejaculate as a lasso, is explicit and has “no place in the royal apartments.” (How dare they disgrace the memory of Marie Antoinette!) The funny thing, as Marina Galperina at Animal New York points out, is that the pieces protesters are angry about don’t even appear in the Versailles show.