What’s on at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we had the endings of 50 classic novels spoiled for us. We were amused by a new interview in which Tom Stoppard says that he would like to be killed by a falling bookcase — granted, not prematurely. We wondered how skunky the world’s oldest beer tastes. We wished that we could afford this crazy Aviator Chair inspired by World War II fighter planes. We met the world’s shortest man. We were fascinated by this photo roundup of what troops from different countries eat while serving in Afghanistan. We liked this piano version of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” coupled with clips of Greta Garbo from The Mysterious Lady. We were impressed by these skateboarding parakeets. We liked this list of 5 kids games that Hollywood hasn’t ruined — yet. And finally, we looked forward to the day when our clothing can power our laptops. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!