Proper Nouns in Hipster Runoff’s Tao Lin Novel Excerpt: A List


For those of you who may have managed to miss the piles recent of articles about him, Tao Lin has just released a new novel called Richard Yates and starring characters named Dakota Fanning and Haley Joel Osment. Today, Hipster Runoff (a.k.a. the site many suspect Lin actually runs) has excerpted a passage that contains the sentence, “I just want to walk around with you at night and sometimes ass and crotch rape you.” If that doesn’t sell you, seeing as Tao Lin is all about the knowing cultural references (see also: the novel’s title), we thought this list of proper nouns in the except might help you decide whether you’d like to purchase Richard Yates. We’ve also included a handy word cloud for visual learners.

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