Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


Hear that sound? It’s the noise of us rubbing our hands together in anticipation of this week’s installment of cultural Missed Connections. Why do we love rounding these up for you so much? Obviously there’s the voyeuristic thrill of intercepting a plaintive, Hail Mary of a message that’s actually intended for someone else. It’s like having a misfired note land on your desk back in middle school. And then there’s the tiny part of us that likes to think that one day, maybe we’ll actually end up helping on our readers find love. Remember Mystery Subway Girl? That story gave us chills. Even if it didn’t end well.

Enough talk. After the jump, proof that if you’re a lonely lady about town, you might want ditch the singles bar and scoop up some tickets to see Billy Elliot.

EVE from the Leonard Cohen concert 2/19 – m4w (across from the Beacon Theatre) February 19th, 7pm: We met-cute, stopping at the same time, at the same spot on Broadway––across from the Beacon Theatre––to photograph the marquee. We realized what a monumental moment it was. You have a photo matching the one below.

A handful of words, your parting smile in a golden storm . . .

This romantic fool is still plastered to the pavement.

–– Serge

Tall guy at BAM cafe Friday night – w4m – 35 (Bklyn/Fort Greene) Wish we had exchanged a few more words during the Friday night show at BAM Cafe. I sat down briefly next to you at the bar, was with a friend … and left when the show was over. Of course the smarter course of action occurred to me only after I said goodnight. But if you’re reading this, perhaps that was not our last encounter… Billy Elliot – I sat in front of you … – m4w – 48 (Midtown West) You – VERY cute, hot blond. Me — correct height … no hat …

Are you attached? Either way, would you go out with a married man? I hope so … Billy elliot – m4w (Midtown West) I was your bartender today. Wish I would have talked to you more but didn’t want to bother you while you were having dinner.. You are very cute ( redhead) and seemed very nice. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Museum of Arts and Design – m4m – 30 (Columbus Circle) We made brief eye contact at the museum this afternoon. Serious longshot, but reply with some specifics if you see this (me in black coat)!

the cute girl at the art store – m4w – 27 (Union Square) we bumped into each other in one of those small isles in your store when we smiled at each other. You were so beautiful. I ended up wandering the store for another 20 minutes just so I could find something to buy so I could walk up the counter and say hello.

Photographer at sidewalk friday night – w4w – 21 (East Village) I was sitting behind you at the sidewalk bar A bunch of bands played after a poetry reading, leading to Diane Cluck. You were taking pictures of her, and afterward when I saw you I asked how your pictures came out. You showed me a few, didn’t bother you. I wanted to stay a while and talk with you more, but as these things go, I had friends waiting outside to go home. I left before I got too into your photos (I liked them a lot, I’m into photography myself), and became that “creepy girl”. Either way I was on the ferry and got bummed out cuz you were cool, and if nothing else you should know I liked your stuff. If you read this we should take pictures. And I mean that seriously even though you have a canon (i have a nikon).