Bike Worship: Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector’s Cyclisk


Cyclists have been known to take bike worship to the extreme, and nowhere do people love them more than the West Coast. That’s why we are somehow not surprised to learn that two California artists, Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector, have constructed a 65-foot obelisk comprised of some 340 bicycles — and a single trike — in Santa Rosa. Called Cyclisk, it soars above the car dealerships that surround it. In fact, the sculpture was paid for by Nissan, a detail that can’t help but complicate its meaning.

After gazing at Cyclisk for far too long, we were curious about the artists, so we did some research and found that this is far from their first large-scale bike sculpture. More Cyclisk photos and a glimpse of the duo’s other incredible bicycle-oriented works are after the jump.

Cyclisk, 2010

Ride On! 2009. Photo credit: Ilana Spector.

Bike Arch, 2007. Photo credit: Ryan Swift.

Chrome. Photo credit: Ilana Spector.

Wheel Arch, 2008. Photo credit: Ilana Spector.

Cyclisk photos via Wired. All other photos via