Google Scribe Completes 10 Famous Movie Quotes


We doubt anyone is getting any work done today, now that Google has debuted its newest toy, Google Scribe. The concept is simple: It’s a word processor that auto-completes as you type. As a result, folks all over the world are now posting wonderfully nonsensical Facebook status messages! We decided to take the experimentation one step further by feeding Google Scribe the beginning of 10 famous movie quotes and having it fill in the rest. After the jump, Mrs. Robinson has computer troubles, Casablanca is all about customer service, and Forrest Gump is a tech guru.

1. Gone with the Wind

2. Casablanca

3. Goldfinger

4. Dazed and Confused

5. The Graduate

6. Cool Hand Luke

7. Apocalypse Now

8. A Few Good Men

9. Forrest Gump

10. Star Wars