Photo Gallery: Fishing with Ween


Most folks know about Sammy Hagar hawking tequila and Ted Nugent hosting caged hunts. But we had no idea that right in our almost-backyard of Neptune, New Jersey, one of our favorite rock guitarists, Dean Ween (a.k.a. Mickey Melchiondo), was running his own fishing boat and guide service. Mickey’s Guide Service sounded a hell of a lot cooler than a Cheeseburger in Paradise chain, so recently, Flavorwire correspondent and huge Ween fan Alex Dunbar went fishing with Ween. Take a three-hour tour with us after the jump.

Make no mistake: while Deaner still tours with Ween, he’s a serious sport fisherman, with the boat (the Archangel), gear (Shimano rods, Gulp-brand bait), and chops to prove it.

Off the coast of New Jersey, the most common catches were fluke, sea bass (seen here), and sea robins.

We got a late start (sorry again, Mickey!) and missed the biggest bites. But we still caught four fish on three poles — at once!

The ocean was unusually calm the day we went — almost like a lake. Mickey cranked up the motor and took us to a spot over a man-made subway-car reef.

In between bites, we talked a little music and guitar, but much more fishing and bass. Mickey’s got a serious passion for fishing, and it shows.

Mickey obliged us so we could get a shot of him “holding his rod.” (Yes, we’re 12.) Check out his site for info on booking two- and three-person excursions. He says he also does bachelor party fishing trips, but so far, no Bar Mitzvahs.

Back at the marina, Mickey offered to clean one of our catches, but his knife was too dull, and he cut himself. Hoping it wasn’t too bad, he said he wouldn’t tell his band — Ween once had to cancel an entire summer tour when he broke his hand.

Home in Brooklyn, we learned some very important lessons about cleaning fish ourselves, and then feasted on bass we’d caught earlier that morning. (Note: be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat on your trip. You see what happens when you don’t.)