Even McDreamy is Sick of Seattle Grace. [TV Links]


Even if you haven’t kept up with Grey’s Anatomy, we hope you’re sitting down for this one: “After learning at a deposition that more of his patients have died than survived, Derek decides to quit — even as Meredith refuses to give up on him.” [EW]

We’re all strapped for cash, but that doesn’t have to affect dinner; a 93-year-old woman with an online cooking show has the solution to your financial woes. Panecotto! [Andrew Sullivan]

The bad news: A new HBO series based on Anthony Kiedis’ early years will be called Scar Tissue. The good news: It’s set in ’70s West Hollywood and centers on his relationship with his famous drug dealing father, who ran around with bands like the Who and Led Zeppelin. [Variety]

We’re pretty sure you didn’t watch the Independent Spirit Awards. Here’s what you need to know: Mickey Rourke touched Jessica Alba on the red carpet. Then he won an award. He gave a colorful speech and it was awesome. [A.V. Club]

In defense of the old-school news channel crawl. [TV Squad]

Brewing smackdown or no (we agree a good luck shoutout would have been nice, but wasn’t needed), we think it’s a pretty safe bet that Conan O’Brien won’t be DVRing Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Also, the White Stripes’ performance sucked. [Vulture]