Your Thoughts on the Trilogy Meter?


OK. First off, we’ll admit we were a little slow on the uptake with this whole Trilogy Meter thing, but there was just too much other film-related stuff to geek out over last week. Now that the Oscar build up is finally over, we can obsess over more important things than Harvey Weinstein’s insane (albeit successful) machinations. (Side note: We know they’re not the same person, but we always picture Harvey Fierstein when we hear Harvey Weinstein.)

Enter Dan Meth, a cartoonist and self-proclaimed movie geek who decided to visually rate his favorite trilogies “purely on [his] enjoyment level on each film and nothing else.”

While we enjoy the graphic (pretty!), we’re not sold on his rating system. We’ve always been of the firm, yet slightly wacky opinion that the third film in most trilogies gets an unwarranted shaft — in fact, we’d wager that Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Return of the King, might be even better than the originals. There, we’ve said it.

Thoughts? Is Dan crazy? Are we? Did you know there were multiple Planet of the Apes movies?